Jean Fery at Echevronne


Organic Philosophy

One August afternoon, a small friendly stop at the family estate of Féry et fils. Frederic Fery explains their approach to winemaking. They believe in organic! For respect and preservation of their heritage. For the soil. For the teams in the field, and in the vineyards, it is paramount. This why they made the choice not to use chemicals. It allows for purer wines, less use of sulfur (the stuff that gives you the headaches), and it is also more healthy for the consumer.

It all started when…

The story begins in the nineteenth century with their ancestors, smallholders, working small plots of land, Including vegetables, and of course vineyards. Louis, son of Pierre Jacob, started trading berries. (Blackcurrant, blackberry, raspberry)

One day, Louis's daily life took a different turn. In a good way, rest assured! It was a sunny morning, when a commercial, from the local negociant business of Molinard burst into the field. The reason? Cassis. He was looking for this particular berry, which was required as the last component for the Chanel No5! The estate already supplied all the distillers in the area, however with the Channel connection, things really took off.

In 1959, Marcelle and her brother Lucien Jacob, Louis' child, accompanied by husband Jean Féry, took over the estate. As well as making their own wine, they created the Group of Young Professionals of Vine and Wine. To help. And to advise. The new Generations.

In the 1960s. More precisely in 1961, their work included participation in the official recognition of Burgundy Hautes Côtes de Beaune, and Bourgogne Hautes Côte de Nuits as having official ‘Appelation d’Origine Controlee’ status.

In 1980, Marcelle and Jean Féry created their winery under their own label, and eight years later, Jean Louis Féry took over the reins. And he has given a new impetus to the work in the field. However, even if Frederic Féry is now in command, Jean Louis is still full of projects for the Estate.