Purple Mustard Organic Wine

‘The wine had a voice, which modestly regaled my senses, with its story of humble origin, and natural toil, creating a lasting memory of Time, Place, and Company’

Gevrey Chambertin

Wine Tasting

Chambertin Clos de Beze - since 636 AD

‘Gevrey Chambertin is my absolute favourite wine in all the world’ - Just how many times do we hear that!


Zagatti in the Purple

From the 23 August until 16 October 2019 Guest Chef Andrea Zagatti will be working his magic with the freshest ingredients from Dijon market, for cooking classes and tasting lunches, at Hotel Les Deux Chevres, Gevrey Chambertin


The History of Burgundy and Wine

Many things have changed, since my metamorphosis from the physical to the spiritual, but the modus operandi of the Time Vendor, remains a constant. When we are young, we will live forever, time is to be had, and in plentiful supply. As we get older, a sense of urgency permeates our thoughts: how best to make use of this increasingly rare and valuable commodity, which goes by the name of ‘Time’.

The Hospices de Beaune and Guigone de Salins


Is this the way to Romanee-Conti?

A Rotten Blog: ‘Burgundy’s answer to Obamacare’


‘When I finally arrived at the oasis of peace and tranquility that is Fontenay, my reserves with the Time Vendor were running low. I was reduced to asking for credit, making much of my reformed character, recently adopted penitent lifestyle, and charitable deeds. The Time Vendor was not impressed. He told me I was living on borrowed time, and that I must make the most of his already generous allocation.’


The Burgundy Shop Opening in 2020

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