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we post about Burgundy and the winemaking every day on our Burgundy mini blog. 

 we post on instagram 365 days a year about the wine making activity in Burgundy

we post on instagram 365 days a year about the wine making activity in Burgundy


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Even for seasoned professionals, Burgundy is a hard nut to crack. With 1,500 different vineyards, most of them divided into multiple ownership, where on earth do you start?  Well, help is at hand - from our young team of talented Burgundy winemakers. We sell a bit of wine, and a lot of advice -with a typical Burgundian humour!


Nature at Work

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We have some wine to sell (not a lot) and we have local knowledge (quite a bit).  Purple Card Members each month receive our monthly update on  estates, the winemaker stars of tomorrow, special offers, and the opportunity to buy some Purple Mustard wine.  

Purple Mustard Seal of Approval

If we really like the wine, it gets a Purple Mustard seal of approval.  This means it is very tasty indeed, wonderful, amazing, incredible wine, made by the Burgundy stars of tomorrow, with fruit, balance, precision, citrus, grapefruit, watermelon (yawn......)  Made with passion, and without (or just a modicum of) chemicals.  

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Inside Track - the editorial team

Camille and Marina are both Burgundian wine makers, and Gary used to export wine to the US. Matt, pictured below left with winemaker Bruno Clavelier of Vosne Romanee (the good looking one - you decide), is a Burgundy wine professional. 



Apart from the fact they make wine in Burgundy (and apart from the fellow in the tank, and the fellow with Bruno) these are all (sort of) normal people. See 'Winemakers'

 Gevrey Chambertin arriving by courier

Gevrey Chambertin arriving by courier

 Apero's and snails in the Wine School

Apero's and snails in the Wine School

We ship to most countries, in particular the US, but you need to check with us for any particular restrictions and to obtain a quote.

 That darned chicken!

That darned chicken!

February visit to Brett Brothers, Macon

Report coming soon.

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