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Burgundy is notoriously confusing.  There are two reasons for this. First is simply the number of different vineyards - somewhere in the region of 1,500 at the last count, most of them divided up between different owners.  So the first issue is simply one of volume - how to find the good wine and avoid the not so good from so much choice.  The second problem is the classification system. If your family had the good fortune to own a Grand Cru vineyard in 1950, then unless it has been sold, it will still be in the family today.  No matter what the quality of the wine you produce.  The classifications were fixed in the 1930's and they do not change.  This means that knowing your producer, is all important, because some Grand Cru wines are wonderful, and some are not so wonderful, and it is a painful experience to part with a bundle of euros, and not get some great wine in return.

So what is the answer?  

Our Blog

By following our regular blog about the year in the vines, you will get a better general understanding of what wine making in Burgundy is all about.  A Year in the Vines - we post regularly in short easy to understand articles, usually accompanied by some stunning imagery.  


Watch some short helpful videos which explain why the Burgundy terroir is so special, what it means to the winemakers, and the subtle differences which exist between one village and another.



Technical Stuff

In our blog The Winemakers Guide, we get into the detail of the winemaking activity at different times of the year.