Purple Mustard

An organic Gevrey Chambertin made byMark Fincham of Marchand Tawse. It represents all the positive attributes of the terroir, at a price which is affordable, and is a wine which can be enjoyed upon delivery. The vintage now offered is the excellent 2016. We are also taking pre-orders for 2017 (entire cases of 12 bts only).


This wine is made from an assemblage of 10 different parcels, bringing together all the best elements of the terroir. The heart of the ‘cuvée’ comes from fields in the central axis of the alluvial fan of the ‘Combe de Lavaux’ to the east of the RN7: ‘La Justice’, ‘Craite Paille’, ‘Creux Brouillard’, ‘Es Murots’ and ‘Les Grandes Rayes’. Here the soils, a mixture of clays and sand with a high proportion of stones and gravel are well drained and give wines that are tender and nicely textured, with supple tannins. The other fields all add their part including the ‘la Combe du Dessus’ a gentle slope on the upper side of the road climbing up to La Combe Lavaux, very old vines that give an extra degree of maturity and ‘Clos Prieur Bas’, just below the ‘1cru’ of the same name, which brings freshness and minerality, typical of these vineyards just below the Grand Crus.


The wine is shaped by the high proportion of vineyards in the area known generally as ‘les Crais’. These are more chalky soils which give softly textured wines expressing the small red fruits that are characteristic of Gevrey. But the wine also has a savoury, spicy character which will develop more with age. Bio-dynamic farming, old vines and small yields help to give the very fine tannins that are characteristic of the wine.


Bunches 80 % de-stemmed. The grapes are vatted relatively cold about 10° c. and remain soaking for 4-7 days. The fermentation will start slowly and naturally as the vat warms up to about 15° c. The ideal is a long, linear fermentation with a good peak of temperature to bring out the fine ‘pinot’ side of the wine with long pump overs to harmonize the different ‘terroirs’ in the cuvee and ensure the polymerisation of the tannins.


16 months in barrels with 20% new oak from three local coopers. One racking during the ageing period. All the winery operations are carried out with reference to the lunar calendar.


Ship a case of 12 bottles of Purple Mustard 2016 vintage for 575 euros (480€ if outside the EU) plus transport.

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The wine usually arrives within a few days of ordering, (except during the summer months, when shipping is delayed until the Autumn).



We ship wine to all countries of Europe and most of the States in the US.  For countries outside of the EU, we sell the wine without French purchase tax (TVA), which takes 20% off the cellar price of the wine. 

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