Introduction:   The first wine village on the Route des Grands Crus south of Dijon.  14 of its vineyards are in the course of being upgraded to Premier Cru, a fair reflection of the quality of the terroir.  The style of wine varies according to the maker.  Laurent Fournier is making [some -----] whereas the wines of Huguenot are [-------].  Sylvain Pataille is the top producer in Marsannay, and one of the great wine makers of Burgundy.  His Marsannay Charmes au Pretres is an outstanding wine, balanced, complex, great pinot fruit, waiting to be consumed! 

Location:  7 km south of Dijon on the Route des Grands Crus.  Whilst there is new development extending down to the Route Nationale, the old part of the village on the Route des Grands Crus retains its 'old world' charm. 

Vineyards:  approximately 247 hectares, with a further 100 due to be accorded village status in 2018.  At present, there are no 1er cru or Grand Cru wines, however for the last 12 years the local winemakers have been seeking premier cru status in relation to 14 of the vineyards, and it is understood that this will soon be granted.

Viticulture: producing red, white and rose, with a notable emphasis on sustainable winemaking

Winemakers of note: Sylvain Pataille, Domaine Fournier, Domaine Huguenot