how it works


  • there is no charge for membership - send us a mail and we will sign you up 
  • membership does not create any rights or entitlements. You do not acquire any equity interest or entitlement to information.
  • members will be given the first opportunity to buy wines.  Offers will be posted on this site, and communicated by e mail.  
  • there is no minimum quantity for wine purchases - buy a few bottles a time, and ship twice a year.  
  • wine can be stored free in your own designated area in our cellars in Gevrey for up to 6 months without charge.  At the expiration of 6 months from the date of the first purchase, the wine must be shipped, whatever the quantity.
  • shipping within the EU is a minimum of 6 bottles. 
  • shipping to the US and elsewhere outside the EU is a minimum of 12 bottles, and a maximum of 60 per shipment.