Burgundy Cuisine

The Nordic culinary revolution which has taken the world of gastronomy by storm, could easily have had its roots in Cistercian Burgundy. Foraging, fermenting, and a focus on natural vegetable ingredients, was the mainstay of the monks kitchen activities.

Today Burgundian cuisine tends to be more meat oriented - boeuf bourguignon, jambon persille, escargots, and cock au vin, are all classical Burgundy dishes. However just as the Cistercians spread their influence around medieval Europe, and in more recent times French cooking influenced an entire generation of chefs all over the world, so it is now with the culinary practices of Denmark.

Before arriving in Burgundy, French Chef Kevin Roehrig worked for three years alongside Rasmus Kofoed at Geranium in Copenhagen, a world class 3* star restaurant, leading the way with its innovative organic approach to the use of vegetables, foraged plants and herbs. Kevin’s cuisine is a re-interpretation of the Burgundy classics, applying a lighter touch, and making full use of the wonderful selection of fresh organic vegetables that are available on his doorstep at Dijon market.

Kevin in the kitchen

Kevin in the kitchen