The story so far….

One sleepless night, a thought that has been with me since arriving in Burgundy, finally takes shape. How to make it simple? How to avoid the confusion created by tens of thousands of different wines and labels?

We need a name, a name which represents all the positives of Burgundy wine, but which also captures the humble spirit of Burgundy of yesteryear. A name which sticks. ‘Purple Mustard’ arrives from somewhere. An artist friend creates the logo, and Purple Mustard develops a persona ‘The Story of The Purple Mustard.’

I talk to a winemaker friend. ‘Mark, the wonderful organic village Gevrey Chambertin wine you make, well we would like to sell some of it as ‘Purple Mustard’’. Silence. I show him some label designs - more silence. In the end he agrees - Purple Mustard Gevrey Chambertin 2012 is out of the blocks, and sells out faster than any other wine in our cellar, as it has in every vintage since.

How it Started

Nearing retirement age, thinking of doing something different. Why not give up law in the UK, and move to Gevrey Chambertin to sell wine? Well, there were many good reasons why not, including the fact we had never sold wine before.

Learning French

Learning French

Madame Faiveley (nee Regnier) 1888 and 1912

Gevrey Chambertin

Gevrey Chambertin

We occupy the best position on Rue de L’Eglise. Had we not been close to retirement age, we would have started making wine. The immediate neighbour is Domaine Rousseau, a few meters away Claude Dugat and Dugat-Py, across the street, Domaines Mortet and Camus, Lucien Boillot and Alain Burguet. It is the beating heart of fine wine making in Burgundy.



Domaine Regnier, an ancient estate in the heart of the Roman wine village of Gevrey Chambertin, used to be owned by the Faiveley family. It was where the clan started in Burgundy. In the 1950’s Faiveley moved the winemaking next door, and converted one of the Regnier buildings into a restaurant ‘Les Millisimes’. The restaurant closed in 2002, and the owners tried to sell, but due to the condition of the buildings, there were no buyers - until we turned up in 2008!

We need to learn French! je suis, tu es, il zzzzzzzzzz

2010 to 2014, with a herculean effort and determination, Jolanta renovates and extends two piles of stones over holes in the ground. We turn the cellars back into a winery, and the piles of stones into a luxury boutique hotel. The hotel will sell wine to its guests. Within two years Les Deux Chevres is #No1 Hotel in Burgundy. Jolanta makes the place work. I cook the eggs. We sell some wine.

Les Millisimes - The Vintages

Les Millisimes - The Vintages

The Purple Mustard Club is about Burgundy, and a restless spirit, from the heart of the most famous wine village of the Cote de Nuits.

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